Chrome is upgraded to version 56 with security enhancements, support for FAC and much more -


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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Chrome is upgraded to version 56 with security enhancements, support for FAC and much more

Chrome's latest update gives macOS users a range of performance and security enhancements. With browser version 56.0.2924.76, Google claimed that pages are reloaded 28 percent faster than before.

This favorable change in the speed of reloading of pages in Chrome is possible thanks to the changes in the allocations of the resources cached. When reloading a page, browsers typically send hundreds of network requests to check if the resource cache is still usable, but Chrome has now reduced the number of such requests by 60%, saving time waiting for responses from the server.

This new version also becomes the first browser version for HTML5 by default for all users. In course since August, the switch now deactivates Adobe Flash Player unless a user indicates that they want Flash content on specific sites.

As part of a security update, Chrome now actively warns users when they use a website with HTTP instead of HTTPS, when sensitive data is at risk. When a page prompts you for a password or credit card information, an "unsafe" warning in red will appear in the URL bar of sites that do not use HTTPS, stating that there is a security issue and that you should proceed carefully.

The same version also includes a total of 51 security patches, 21 of which are provided by external investigators .

Owners of low-power Bluetooth devices will soon be able to interact with them through the browser. Support for the Bluetooth web API allows web applications and web pages to connect to lights, toys, among other things.

Finally, the update introduces support for the FLAC audio format, allowing users to play music files without loss within the browser.

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