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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Control the volume of your AirPods with this effective trick

AirPods love among other things for its minimalist design and simplicity of use, emblematic features of Apple gadgets. However, in this minimalism and simplicity we sometimes end up missing a mechanical button of the lifelong that facilitates the daily tasks. This is the case for example of the volume control of your AirPods.

So far we depend exclusively on Siri, which requires having to talk to our virtual assistant and of course , have Siri internet to work. A somewhat cumbersome way to handle our AirPods. Until now.

How to control the volume of your AirPods

But Apple is an old fox and sought a trick to solve the problem of controlling the volume of AirPods otherwise: with the Apple Watch. An ingenious way to advertise your smartwatch, making it not only compatible but recommended with another of your gadgets. With the Apple Watch we can forget about everything and raise or lower the volume in the simplest and fastest way.

This trinket has occurred to a youtuber, who has had to launch a video explaining how to control the volume of AirPods through Apple Watch. It is actually quite easy, and not dependent on applications, or internet, or Siri or anything.

Simply connect your AirPods with your Apple Watch - something that probably will have made the purchase - and while you have the Now Playing on - come on , you're listening to music through the native music app, but also works with Spotify for example - second plane, you can control the volume of your AirPods simply turning the crown.

We already knew with the Apple Watch Music app - or the iPhone or iPad - we could perform tasks like changing songs or adjusting the volume, but this trick is much better. Forget everything and just turn the watch's crown!

So remember, if you want to control the volume of your AirPods you have two options: either give the order to Siri "Pump up the volume" or rotate the crown of your Apple Watch.

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