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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Demonstrated: LCD screens can also be flexible

Japan Display features flexible LCD displays to compete with OLED panels. Those screens could be on the next iPhone.

There are two technologies in mobile screens that, combined, aspire to dominate the rest: OLED and flexibility . We have already seen the combination of both in Samsung's mobile Edge or in the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 . We also know that this year we will see the first really flexible smartphones. All with OLED display? Do not.

Japan Display presents its flexible LCD screens

The organic panels can be provided with flexibility in a simple way because the printing base for the diodes is usually a plastic sheet. In contrast, LCD panels need glass layers for mounting ; Forcing them to increase in thickness and, in addition, to forget about flexibility. Although Japan Display has proven otherwise.

Japan Display's new flexible display technology changes glass layers on LCDs by plastic sheeting . According to The Wall Street Journal , the new screens of Japan Display do not reach the flexibility of the OLED panels, but would not present difficulties in adapting to a device with curved edges.

Japan Display says it already has several customers interested in adopting the technology for its next devices. The Japanese company is the main provider of the screens of the iPhone , so here the rumors are fired. In addition, Apple itself patented the year the flexible screen.

LCD Flexible Screens to Go into Production in 2018

This is the approximate date given by Japan Display for the mass production of its new flexible LCD screens. The company has the approval of its customers to do so, a sign that competition between LCD and OLED will become fierce . More than once we have augured the future of the screens commenting that there can only be one technology, the OLED , but there is no doubt that Japan Display thinks otherwise.

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