Discover how drunk you are with this curious accessory for Apple Watch -


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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Discover how drunk you are with this curious accessory for Apple Watch

Many of you already know that the Apple Watch , and their applications are able to measure our heart rate and our blood glucose levels.

But what many desconoceréis is that thanks to a curious accessory the Apple Watch is also able to know if we are drunk or not, measuring levels of blood alcohol.

So getting blood alcohol results is now as easy as taking a look at Apple Watch.

BACtrack Skyn, the first wearable to measure blood alcohol levels

The first wearable able to monitor alcohol has made its debut at CES in Las Vegas this week, giving drivers a new option to keep track of their drunkenness to know if they are in full power to drive or not.

This new, curious, and small accessory Apple Watch has been developed by BACtrack, a company very popular breathalyzers.

The name of the accessory is BACtrack Skyn, and by coupling the sensor can be simply Apple Watch or separately.

The great thing about this accessory is that it is able to provide a complete real - time analysis on how drunk you are, so you can see how alcohol levels are rising slowly while you're drinking.

Instead of having to guess or predict how many beers you can drink and how you usually affect when driving or doing other tasks, BACtrack Skyn make your drunkenness estimates for you to make plans.

BACtrack plans to launch the new sensor during the summer. It will cost $ 99, and of course come with an application that synchronizes content between Apple Watch and iPhone or iPad.

What do you think of this new accessory for Apple Watch that has been presented recently at the CES in Las Vegas? Would you buy it? Do you know any other similar wearable? We wait for you in the comments.

Via | Cult of Mac

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