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Friday, 6 January 2017

Discover how to know which stores accept Apple Pay

As we reported, since last December, the Apple user who owns a card from Banco Santander, AMEX or Carrefour Pass can set up your iPhone , in iPad or Apple Watch to pay with Apple Pay in Spain. If already in Spain took two years of lag on the launch of Apple Pay, to this must be added what is costing permeate shops and yet there are few who have implemented this payment method, somewhat surprising given the Furor that are causing stickers, payment apps or virtual payment platforms in general.

It is not the first time someone goes with a "revolutionary" payment system is mobile and the unpleasant surprise that even at that establishment is not admitted as a payment method. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, we'll show you a trick to know for sure if a trade supports Apple Pay as a payment or not, using the native Apple Maps app.

How to know which merchants accept Apple Pay with Maps

The way to find out if an establishment allows to pay with Apple Pay is quite simple and fast.

1) First we go to the Maps app, either on our iPhone, iPad or from a Mac.

2) Next, we find the name of the trade we want to know the availability of Apple Pay. Remember that by default Maps shows us the nearest shops, so if we are in Pamplona and look for the English Court for example, the most logical and normal is to show us the location if there was - there is - And not that of Madrid.

Also we must keep in mind that Apple Pay in Spain still has not been implemented in only establishments, so for our example we must find a big trade like Carrefour, The English court or our example: an Apple Store.

3) What is the secret of all this? Apple will update the information on their maps as implemented establishments Apple Pay as a payment method. Click on the icon of the trade or about the i, which will return the information related to the trade itself: your name, address and contact details, schedule and comments, we will find if you support Apple Pay as payment.

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