Discover the ultimate app to search for your lost AirPods -


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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Discover the ultimate app to search for your lost AirPods

How nice and comfortable are the AirPods! So discreet in his snow - white tone, so small, so light ... a moment, Where are my AirPods? A drop of cold sweat runs down your forehead while you frantically looking around you as a thought crosses your mind: what you cost your brand - new and new AirPods or the price of buying one .

But calm, do not panic. If you go to the App Store you will find an app that can help you in this task: Finder for AirPods. A tremendously intuitive application for iPhone and iPad to which you can tell if you are missing a headset or both and in a matter of seconds you will discover its location.

How It Works Finder for AirPods

You only need an Apple device with iOS 8 or higher that is synchronized with your AirPods and of course, have the Bluetooth active. Install Finder for AiPods, which costs 3.99 euros - if, I know, it's not free, but it's a lot cheaper than buying your AirPods again or replacing a headset - and open it. The app will indicate your proximity as you walk around your environment.

For us to understand, it is not a Find my iPhone that is able to detect that your device is in the station of Cuenca in which you left two minutes of the train to smoke a cigar. Finder for AirPods goes through Bluetooth, with a much smaller range and requires you to leave your shifting to tell if it is near or far.

An important detail: it is necessary that have AirPods battery.

The development has been run by Deucks Pty, with a long experience in search applications, but also has another application for the same purpose for Fitbit. Undoubtedly, a tool and list on the wish list for the next generation of AirPods . And it seems incredible that such a useful tool has happened to a company outside Apple.

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