Discover which apps you do not use on your iPhone and iPad -


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Monday, 30 January 2017

Discover which apps you do not use on your iPhone and iPad

This is something that happens to us all, especially if we are readers of iPadizate . You see one of those posts compilations of the best apps and games and you venture to download them without delay because in addition, in some cases are free for a limited time. After a while you wonder how you could live without some of those applications, but others have not even touched.

Today we want to tell you a trick that can help us to distinguish which apps we use and which, on the contrary, we barely take advantage of , so that we delete them from time to time, to keep our terminal in an optimal state, fluid and with sufficient space. Because it's not a matter of storing apps in folders that we will not use.

It's time to identify which apps we have abandoned and proceed to delete them . To do this, it will simply be necessary for us to have automatic application updates activated in our respective iOS. In case you do not have it yet, go to Settings > iTunes Store and App Store and activate this option.

And that's it. Because every time our system updates the different apps as they appear, a blue dot will appear to the left of their name so that it notifies us of their recent update. This point will disappear the moment you reuse the app , something that will act as a sneak if we do not open it frequently.

So now it's just a matter of keeping an eye on your iPad and iPhone desktops, as well as the folders you can have created inside them and look for that blue dot in the apps. If you just activated the automatic update give a few days of margin to be reliable .

Once we find the apps we do not use, you just have to delete them . To do this press and hold on it until the icons begin to dance and an X appears on it, X you will have to press to delete the app from your terminal.

Via | Applesfera

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