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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Do you prefer a thinner iPhone or more battery?

That's the question. Apple has a real problem with your batteries. What's more, the problem is so fat that even in its last update of Mac OS have removed the view of the indicator of the remaining battery alleging imprecision. Inaccurate as it has been all life by definition, as is the expected time of download or update. Still, it is a good approximation for the user.

But the iPhone also do not get rid of problems with their batteries. And no, this time not talk about their explosions, because we argue their causes . In its constant pursuit of improvement, Apple is increasingly designing more and more thin iPhone models - yes, the size grows - something that directly affects the integration of a smaller battery every time, that is, with a range that can Be higher than the previous model, but in a device that by its characteristics, also spends more. Let 's be clear: rare is the user of an iPhone whose battery supports full day.

There are three factors that affect battery life: the first is the Li-ion technology, which Apple can not do much, have the limitations of Apple and should respect them . The second has to do with both hardware and software and Apple itself here that can do something: to optimize its components and how they work. But most important of all is the design. Apple insists on making its devices smaller and smaller, so there is simply no room for a battery with decent range.

If you've been using Apple for years, think about your devices: What was your first iPhone like? What was its weight and dimensions? How long did the battery last? I debuted with an iPhone 3GS, much more chubby and heavy than my current iPhone 6s. Also the milliamperio-hora of my iPhone 3GS were lower than the current ones, however the battery lasted no less than that of my iPhone 6s. Okay we now have a more powerful iOS, consuming more, more apps ... but Should not jointly improve battery?

I want a powerful, fast and light iPhone, but I also want a substantial improvement in battery life. That lasts at least one day. Apple should get to work on this: we must investigate technologies that improve the capacity or software that will optimize your life. It is true that wireless charging will solve at least the problem of comfort , but at the cost of going to deteriorate their life cycle.

But perhaps the development of Apple go in the opposite direction. Maybe some of us prefer a few millimeters more thickness in our iPhone - something extrapolable to iPad and Mac - and a more powerful battery.

Thickness or more battery? That's the question. What do you prefer?

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