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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Everything Apple should fix on its iCloud in 2017

Let's face it : Apple arrived late and badly cloud services. Dropbox and Google had already shared much of the pie offering a spectacular virtual storage service. Both work seamlessly on different devices and operating systems and also support the collaborative work to perfection.

If Dropbox was its simplicity, effectiveness and stability its best weapon with a storage capacity of 2 GB incrementing depending on certain conditions, Google directly dazzled. 15 GB per face and an endless number of additional features such as forms, word processor, presentations ...

Apple iCloud today

But arriving late does not have to be bad necessarily if you have a background like those of Cupertino, able to revolutionize the market. What's more, it's a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others and offer a product that is the cream. But is not the case.

I confess that the first time I played thoroughly with iCloud and its beta library, back in late 2014, I took the unpleasant surprise of losing all the photos of my iPhone 5s in the attempt. Fortunately, Apple has managed to improve in that direction and management of images on multiple devices - both in the photo library and the right streaming My photos - is adequate.

Apple iCloud Current Issues

The stiffness

But Apple iCloud still has several major problems. The first of all is stiffness. And the cloud is seen as an invisible USB memory at our disposal whenever we have internet, and as such should be able to add, access, modify and delete any file easily to our iCloud from any device. And that, today is not possible.


When we buy an iPhone or an iPad, the virtual storage space that allows me to safely store the backup and use it when it deems appropriate - theft, loss, acquisition of a new terminal - should be included in the price we disburse for the device. Users should not see warnings threatening to stop backing up unless we increase our ability to iCloud.

Another thing is that we require to store our documents or the photo library online, then we understand that we pay an extra.

Storage space

If Apple rightly has opted for eliminating iPhone 16GB because without doubt falls short to store many more apps, games, photos and videos of the highest quality, gifs, live photos ... So, why Apple has not increased Free iCloud space to 10 or 15 or 20 GB?

And of course, some common sense: every time a new Apple device you buy, it would be logical that your iCloud storage space be increased, if only temporarily. What makes no sense is to have 5 GB free in iCloud for an iPhone and also have 5 GB for an iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook under the same ID.

Do you agree with our demands? And you, what would you improve on Apple iCloud? Give your opinion in the comments

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