Finder for AirPods is removed from the App Store by Apple -


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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Finder for AirPods is removed from the App Store by Apple

A few days ago we told you about the app Finder for AirPods , an application developed by third parties who came to meet a similar to the Find my iPhone / Find my iPad function, that is: locate our respective gadgets in that terrible moment when we allow ourselves to panic not finding. Well, very little time has passed until Apple has decided to remove it from the App Store.

Finder for AirPods was a simple but effective application that gave us the approximate location of our AirPods through Bluetooth connectivity, yes, as long as they have battery. In just a few days, Finder for AirPods had a great score of 4.5 out of 5 on the App Store and good reviews.

At the time we were quite surprised that Apple would not have thought to integrate this function from the beginning and more considering that already had implanted in other gadgets a priori less "perdibles" than the AirPods. And that being so small and wireless, what they cost the Cupertino engineers implement this function to search our AirPods from other devices?

Obviously he would have a good reception from users that after investing 179 euros on the acquisition of AirPods probably return to pay 69 euros to buy just a headset not do them any grace .

Apple typically perform tasks selection and maintenance of its application platform , so as to ensure that apps are safe and stable for our apple devices. Usually the criteria used to eliminate apps is that of potential vulnerabilities or infringements of intellectual property. But in the case of Finder for AirPods, what they will be compelled to remove it from the App Store?

Apple is a company very jealous of its intimacy: it does not reveal economic data, it hardly confirms or denies rumors nor gives explanations on its modus operandi. But we do not understand the cause of removing Finder for AirPods, even if planned even launching Find my AirPods in the near future.

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