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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Give your clipboard a good utility with ReachBoard (jailbreak)

The space that appears when invoking Reachability may be considered a wasted space on your iPhone screen. That's why a new jailbreak tweak called ReachBoard came up that aims to make good use of that empty space to fill it with anything that can be lodged in the clipboard.ReachBoard

ReachBoard works with all kinds of content since for example, it works with text, URLs and even images. So, no matter what you have in the clipboard, it will appear in Reachability after installing ReachBoard.

This tweak is quite handy when you want to be able to look at something while at the same time doing something else in an application, because it allows you to preview what is on the clipboard.

This is great for comparing two different images you might be looking for on the internet, to take a look at a text as you type, or even to quickly open a link you copied after completing a different activity in another application.

Tweak only works within applications , so you will not always see ReachBoard while using Reachability on the home screen.

Even if the device does not support Reachability natively, you can use this tweak in conjunction with another tweak called ReachAll, which brings Reachability support to your device independently. With that configuration, ReachBoard works perfectly well, so that users of iPhone SE and iPhone 5 and earlier can still enjoy their uses.

ReachBoard adds a preferences panel for the application settings where there are different options that can be configured, where you can disable tweak, choose a theme and choose a time after the interface disappears automatically.

If you are interested in trying this tweak, you can download it for free from the BigBoss Cydia repository . The tweak works on devices with iOS 9.

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