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Friday, 27 January 2017

Google Pixel 2 with better camera, better CPU and a much cheaper version

In addition to the new, better and more expensive Google Pixel 2 it seems that the company would be working in parallel in a cheaper version .

When Google launched last year the Google Pixel many we were surprised that, to be a first version of a product, it was so round. It was not perfect, and in some ways it was somewhat overrated, but still a great smartphone.

This morning we echoed one of the improvements that seems to have the second iteration of Google's mobile, the Pixel 2. Apparently we would be before a model with water resistance, a feature that is increasingly valued.

During the few hours that have passed the leaks and rumors have grown touching other aspects.

Best CPU and Best Camera for Pixel 2

Apparently two prototypes of this device are currently being tested, both with a notable improvement in the camera, to which Google is paying special attention.

The Google Pixel was already one of the best executed terminals in this particular aspect although the testimony of the firm DxOMark was not as reliable as many would want.

But this would not be the only aspect in which Google wants to drastically improve its model. The CPU or processor would be another very relevant feature. As rumored the two versions that Google is testing differ fundamentally in this section and is that the manufacturer would be using processors of two different brands.

It is more than likely that one of them is Qualcomm, perhaps with the Snapdragon 835 or perhaps with the rumored 845 that will be released later this year. However, there is still the question of who will build the other, since Mediatek and Intel do not seem very viable. Could Google launch its first line of processors?

Google Pixel much cheaper

Both data invite us to think something that is already on the table: the Google Pixel 2 will be a terminal more expensive than its predecessor. We talked at least of a raise of 50 dollars with respect to the previous models.

A Google Pixel for the mass market would be a big hit on the table
However the company of Alphabet knows that the cost is a key factor and that there were many people who would have liked to try the Pixel of 2016 but for price they could not.

That is why we are also working on a cheaper version. In fact it would be much more economical, which would obviously have as a counterpart a reduction in technical characteristics.

But even so would be an interesting decision as we would be before a cheap Google mobile, maybe not with the best specifications, but yes with an excellent value for money. A worthy successor to the Nexus 5.

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