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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hide the application dock with ShyDock (jailbreak)

In macOS, you can set the app dock to be hidden and only appear when you need it, so it would be good to include this functionality to your iPhone or iPad as well. Therefore, there arose a new jailbreak tweak called ShyDock, where you can hide or show the application dock with a simple action Activator.

After installing the tweak on the device, you can go to the settings application where you will find a preferences panel with some options that you can configure.

You will see an animation duration text field, which allows you to modify the duration of the animation, to hide and display the application dock when the tweak is invoked.

You'll also find three Activator gesture selectors:

  • Toggle action: this action hides and shows the dock whenever invoked
  • Display action: this action only shows the dock when it is already hidden
  • Hide action: this action only hides the dock when it is already displayed

There is no reason to respring your device after changing any of these settings, so once you change a setting, you are all set to use the tweak.

Once you return to the splash screen and want to hide or show the dock with Activator, you will see the following animation, which is similar to that of macOS:

If you are interested in downloading ShyDock and try it on your jailbreak device it is available in the BigBoss Cydia repository of free maner. The tweak is designed for iOS 9 devices and requires the Ryan Petrich Activator extension to be used.

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