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Monday, 2 January 2017

How about these AirPods Jet Black?

Surprisingly, the iPhone 7 Jet Black has been one of the revelations of this 2016. And I say surprisingly because after the discreet success of the iPhone 5c with that glossy plastic texture, we were all a little expectant when it comes to assessing the public's welcome of that brilliant black color that is so reminiscent of plastic, yes, this time in aluminum.

We can not forget that despite its attractive sheen, the Jet Black is more likely to suffer abrasions , so that the surface of our brand new iPhone 7 may deteriorate easier and noticeably.

Apple fans are very fantasizing colors and if a few months ago we dreamed to launch this 2017 iPhone in an attractive red version , why not do it with a AirPods in Jet Black?

And it is that a wider variety of colors is something that we asked on our list of improvements for AirPods second generation . It 's amazing that Apple has just released the blank AirPods so, allowing little customization. If there is an iPhone 7 in Jet Black, what better than combining it with AirPods in Jet Black.

This same occurrence has been the German artist Martin Hajek, a virtuous creator of 3D printing that has dared to design the model - among many other works inspired by Apple gadgets - also can purchase through its web . Of course, they would only serve as an ornament because they are not functional.

We are confident that after the good reception of the Airpods, of which up Samsung has decided inspired to launch a similar market with its Galaxy S8 , Apple will launch a new improved AirPods medium - term model and it surely we We find a greater variety of colors beyond its iconic and minimalist white color.

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