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Monday, 30 January 2017

How to Activate Apple Watch Battery Save Mode

As you will know if you are users of Apple gadgets, battery life is one of the weaknesses of Cupertino devices . We do not know if it is a question of this obsession to design increasingly thin terminals, with the consequent integration of increasingly thinner batteries, which although optimized and manufactured with the latest Li-ion technology, are insufficient for our intensive use.

For this reason since Apple has been a long time that includes a mode of saving of battery in iOS in order to prolong the maximum its duration . The Apple Watch is no exception and also the Apple smartwatch can find it. This feature is especially useful for gadgets like the iPhone or Apple Watch that you wear all day long and that many times you need to have it on and you can not load it.

However the battery saving mode of the Apple Watch differs significantly from that of iOS . While in our iPhone with saving mode activated the brightness of the battery is reduced and the periodic connection in search of notifications and messages is delayed, in WatchOS the functionality is reduced to the maximum, turning our smartwatch into a mere clock that shows the hour. That is, the communication with the iPhone stops and many other functions are deactivated.

How to turn on battery save mode in Apple Watch

Actually, activating the battery saving mode in Apple Watch is quite simple. When the smartwatch reduces its autonomy level to 10%, a message automatically appears on the screen telling you about it and prompting you to activate the battery saving mode. But if you want you can have it activated as soon as you want. For this you will have to:

1) Access the control center by sliding your finger up on the Apple Watch dial

2) Tap the percentage of battery

3) Tap on Save battery > Continue

And now, your Apple Watch switches to Save Battery mode. If you want to see the time, simply press the side button, meanwhile the screen will be black. If you want to deactivate the battery saving mode, press and hold the side button . At that point Apple Watch will reboot and the Apple logo will appear.

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