How to add music to an Instagram story on an iPhone

By means of a simple trick, you can easily add and play a background music track for an Instagram Story video that you publish on the social network. If you want to add a distinctive touch to your Instagram publications, here's a tutorial on how to add music to your Instagram Stores.

Next we'll teach you how to add music to your Instagram publications by means of a few simple steps.

How to add music to an Instagram story on an iPhone

  • Open the music app, or Spotify and the music track you want to add to the Instagram story
  • Now open the Instagram application and make sure you are logged in to the account where you want to publish the music story
  • Press the camera button in the upper left corner of Instagram to open the camera

On the camera screen, slide up to access the iOS control center and then slide to access the music screen and press the play button to start listening to the music

Go back to the Instagram camera and record your story as usual, but this time with music playing in the background

Post your music story on Instagram

Now your followers will be able to listen to the background music track in the history of Instagram that you published from your iPhone .

This is a simple, but quite original idea of ​​how to give a personal touch to your story posts on Instagram. Obviously, it is up to users whether or not to use this trick, but it would be a nice touch if you want to post something on the social network to get more attention.
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