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Saturday, 7 January 2017

How to Download All Vine Videos

If you are a regular user of Vine, you probably want to download all your videos before they disappear forever. Therefore, we show you how to download any video file from Vine service by means of a simple tutorial.

Vine was a small social network that allowed users to upload short videos of 6 seconds that replayed in a loop. Finally the video sharing service was purchased by Twitter which then decided to terminate Vine's service completely and there is a limited time period to back up your videos before they disappear forever.

How to Download All Vine Videos

  • Go to and access your Vine account as usual
  • Then click on the "Download Your Vines" button that is located at the top, or go to the configuration page at
  • Search "Download your Vines" and choose "Download file" to start downloading the video file

You will find that the zip file contains all files labeled "" in your default download directory. Unless otherwise specified, in Mac this is usually the ~ / Downloads directory in the users folder, and Windows is usually inside my documents.

Once the zip file is unzipped, you will find a folder called something like "archive_1234567890" containing an index.html file and a directory of images and videos. If you upload the index.html file in your web browser, you will see an interface to navigate through your video files with their respective dates and time when they were originally served in Vine. You can also access the videos directly, which end up being video files in mp4 format, but do not include their respective dates or time in the file name.

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