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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to enable and use tabs in the Mac Pages app

The application pages for Mac has gained the ability to use tabs, allowing orderly management of documentation within the application to have multiple documents open simultaneously.

To use the tabs you will need to activate the tab bar in the page app, which is not visible by default if the Mac application is in window mode or full screen. Without the tab bar visible, you will not be able to open or access new tabs in the app.

Make sure you are on a recent "Pages" page. You may need to upgrade through the Mac App Store to make sure you have a modern version of the page app that supports tabs. If you can not see tab support, you do not have a fairly new version of page software on your Mac and therefore you have to upgrade.

How to enable and use tabs in the Mac Pages app

  • Open the Pages app on Mac as usual, then scroll down in the "View" menu
  • Choose "Show tab of tabs"

Once the tab bar becomes visible, click on the plus (+) button next to it to open a new tab (or several).

Once the tab bar is displayed in the page app, it will continue to show whether the application is in windowed mode or in full screen mode.

You can navigate between the tabs of the page app, as well as open and close just like the tabs in Safari, Finder, Mail on Mac, Terminal, or any other tab that is on Mac OS and in applications that support Said feature.

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