How to enable Siri support for third-party applications on iOS

Siri on iOS now supports third-party applications, which means that the virtual voice assistant can interact with applications such as PayPal, Skype, Uber and others who have chosen to include support for Siri. This means that now the wizard allows you to do something like send money to a particular contact or request a taxi (Uber). That's why we show you how to enable Siri support for 3rd party iOS apps for iPhone and iPad.

Siri support for third-party applications requires iOS 10 or later , as well as installing the third-party applications that you want to use that are compatible with the voice assistant. Apart from that, you'll need to manually enable Siri support for third-party applications.

How to enable Siri support for third-party applications on iOS

  • Open the "Settings" app in iOS
  • Go to the "Siri" section and then choose "Application Support"
  • Move the switch to the on position that is next to each application in which you want to enable Siri compatibility

Once Siri has been activated for a specific application, you can have Siri do the appropriate tasks with that application. For example, "sending $ 20 to Elfio with PayPal" or "calling Paprika with Skype", will perform the action and redirect the user to the application in question. While some third-party Siri commands are obvious, others only need to be found through exploration, trial and error, since they do not appear in Siri's extensive list of commands.

At the moment, only the most important third-party applications support Siri , and it's not uncommon to have many applications on an iPhone or iPad but only a handful support Siri. Over time, it will probably expand the number of applications that support Siri, but for now it is a relatively small subset of applications.
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