How to move e-mail messages between inboxes in the macOS mail application

The email application in macOS allows you to move some of your emails from one of your mailboxes to another, without any problem. This is a very useful feature to know if you sent or received an email through the wrong account and you want to keep your mail organized under the correct inbox. So we'll show you how you can do this in the next tutorial.

How to move e-mail messages between inboxes in the macOS mail application
To work, you need to have both of the mail accounts where you want to transfer email messages to and from the mail application on your Mac. You can open the app and go to mail -> preferences -> accounts -> + a Through the menu bar and entering with the account that you want to use.

Assuming you have already done this and you are already using all the accounts you want to use and moving emails from and to, you can follow the next steps to transfer one or more of your email from one of your account inbox Email to another:

  • Open the mail application on Mac.
  • Open the account's mailbox that has the email (s) you want to transfer to another mailbox

Shift + click to select all emails you want to move

Click + and drag the selected emails in the inbox of the new account from the sidebar of the mail application

Now you must move all the emails that you have selected to the new inbox

As you can see, moving messages in the new mailbox is also removed from the original email inbox.

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