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Thursday, 12 January 2017

How to replace words with emojis in the iOS messaging app

Transforming words and messages into emojis is one of the many new features of the iOS messaging app . With a simple trick, you can choose words to replace them with emojis and convert a generic text message into a colorful message interspersed with Emojis.

The emoji text replacement tool works on an iPhone or iPad as long as you have a modern version of iOS. Next, let's review how to use this new feature in the iOS messaging app.

It is worth clarifying that you will have to activate the emoji keyboard first if you have not done so already, and you will need any of the latest versions of iOS 10.0.

How to replace words with emojis in the iOS messaging app

  • Open the message app on your iPhone or iPad and see a message thread already started as usual (or start a new conversation)
  • Write a message with words that are capable of being represented as emoji, such as "pizza" or "cat"
  • Briefly press the Emoji keyboard button to bring up the emoji screen

At one point, words that can be converted to Emoji will be highlighted in orange. Tap each eligible word to make it emoji

Send the newly created "emojed" message as usual

Only words that have a compatible emoji can be "emoji", which is why this feature works best with words about objects, foods, expressions and elements.

Remember that you must have the emoji keypad on and you must change it to the emoji keypad to highlight the eligible words that are compatible so that they become emoji within the message application.

This is one of many new features in the most recent versions of the iOS messaging app, including full-screen message effects, tapback icons, GIF search, handwritten messages, etc.

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