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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to respond to messages on Mac from a notification

Mac users can respond to messages faster than ever, making it directly from a notification without having to open the application messages. This means that you can have a conversation through the popup windows of message notifications on Mac OS without using the messages app, although keep in mind that the experience will be limited to multimedia messages of photos and video, leaving this mode as A better choice to respond to communications based on normal text.

You will need a modern version of Mac OS and the messaging app is configured to send and receive communications through iMessage or another messaging service compatible with this feature.

How to respond to messages on Mac from a notification

Replying to messages through a notification on Mac OS is very simple but this feature is somewhat hidden. Therefore, we will teach you through a brief tutorial how to respond to the messages from the notifications you receive from them.

  • Hover over a notification of the messages app and click on "Reply"

Type your answer in the text box and click "Submit" (or you can choose "Cancel" to exit)

Remember that you need a modern version of system software for Mac OS have this capability, so anything over Sierra 10.12.0 version should be more than enough. Earlier versions of Mac OS have a similar but slightly more limited capability that allows users to send messages directly from the Mac notification center, a feature that persists also in modern versions of Mac OS.

A similar quick-response capability is available on the iPhone and iPad, which allows users to directly respond to an iOS notification and another to respond to messages from the iOS lock screen.

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