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Saturday, 28 January 2017

How to sync and play music on your Apple Watch without using an iPhone

Any Apple Watch model is able to play music without the intervention of an iPhone, which is really useful when you are away from home, for example doing exercise on the street. But you have to decide what music you want to hear before you leave home .

It is quite simple if you follow the correct steps, however, there are some tips and tips to synchronize music in the Apple Watch in a much easier way.

Everything you need to know to play music on Apple Watch

To get started, your music needs to be in the Apple Music app on your iPhone before you can sync it to your Apple Watch. This includes songs added in Apple Music, purchased in iTunes, or even songs downloaded by other means ...

Unfortunately, music from third-party applications like Spotify or Tidal are not synchronized on the Apple Watch, at the moment.

Apple Watch still can not play music from the Internet like the iPhone so the songs have to be downloaded and synchronized as we used to do with the iPod. This, of course, is something that will change in the near future as development smartwatch hardware technology continues to advance.

The company wearable of the bite apple has a limit of 250 songs (or 2 GB) that you can change in the iPhone Watch application in the storage limit section.

The most sensible thing would be to create a playlist called "Apple Watch" and add music to it to synchronize it with the smartwatch. You can do this from the iPhone Music app in Library> Playlists .

Once your playlist is ready, go back to the iPhone Watch application and look for the music sync option in the "Music" section . Keep in mind that songs will not sync instantly so be patient.

Finally, Apple does not allow listening to music through Apple Watch speakers. But you can pair any Bluetooth headset or the great Apple AirPods to listen to your favorite songs directly in your smartwatch.

Via | 9to5mac

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