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Saturday, 28 January 2017

How to Troubleshoot Safari's Most Common Problems on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

It can be really annoying when you try to visit a web page and it does not load. But there are many other issues related to Safari on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

In this article we will recommend several methods to solve the most common problems of Safari in iOS : app freezing, links that do not work, malfunctioning web browsing ...

If you are experiencing any type of Safari problem on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch , follow these steps to find out what is failing and how to fix it.

Is the URL correct?

If you are trying to access a web page and do not load correctly it may be because of a small human bug, and is that sometimes many web pages change their URL. Check if you have inserted the web address correctly.

Update website

Sometimes a small failure in the process of loading a web page may cause the stop of other processes. Therefore, if the website does not load the first time, try to update it one, two, and even three times.

Try another web browser

To verify that this is not a problem of a blog, or your Internet connection , you can always try to enter a web page through another application for web browsing for iOS . There are many in the App Store, then we recommend a couple of them:

Restart your Wi-Fi connection

If you have any problems with web browsing in Safari, whether malfunctioning or missing HTML elements or even the crasheo of the app, you should check that your Wi-Fi connection is stable. In fact, you can always reboot your router and / or your modem to make sure everything is correct.

Clear history and data

One of the most effective solutions to repair Safari problems on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is to erase the history and web data of the native Apple app. To do this, go to Settings> Safari> Delete history . Additionally, in the "Advanced" section you can also erase more web data.

Disable ad blocking apps

We have seen many cases in which a web page refuses to load certain content due to the activation of ad-blockers. You can turn off ad blocking applications in Settings> Safari> Content Blockers .

We hope these methods have helped you solve Safari's problems on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As always, we urge you to participate in the comments section to share your doubts and solutions.

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