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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Unlock Your Mac Quickly with the Apple Watch

The safety of our devices is always paramount, as we store an important piece of our own lives . Our friends, our work, our projects, all this and more can be compromised by unauthorized access on our computer. However, the fact that our computer is safe does not have to imply that it is also uncomfortable and slow in allowing us to access it.

The Apple Watch is without a doubt the best smart watch on the market. Its list of features and functionalities only corroborate this, offering an endless number of possibilities to all its users , and of course to the developers, who are constantly creating new applications for smartwatch. Although this does not mean that all owners know all of them, and for that reason, we will give you a hand from iPadizate.

The security of your Mac, enhanced thanks to Apple Watch

Before explaining that security does not have to be a bit uncomfortable , and in this case, I spoke focusing especially on the users of an Apple Watch and a Mac with MacOS Sierra installed. And is that with the latest version of WatchOS, you can unlock your Mac without entering your password, you just need to have your watch nearby . Of course, this will have to be unlocked, since it would not make sense that a blocked Apple Watch could log on to your Mac.

To activate this function, you simply have to verify that your Mac model is later than mid-2013 , that it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled , and that it uses the same Apple ID as your Apple Watch . With these requirements, you will simply have to enter your password when activating, restarting or logging out on your computer, then your watch will be in charge of unlocking it.

Source | Apple Support

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