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Monday, 9 January 2017

How was the mobile phone before iPhone

January 2007. Apple, the legendary company of the Macintosh, introduced its first smartphone completely revolutionizing the world of telephony moment: iPhone. While the smartphone concept already existed, it is Apple that turns mobile phones into truly smart phones.

Internet had already reached the phones, but neither the navigation nor the data rates are as we know them now. While 3G was theoretically possible, in general we could find only in big cities and had to be content with GPRS. Of course there is no WhatsApp and in general we have to keep communicating with SMS or MMS, in fact, there are no apps: Google Play - then known as Android Market - was born in 2008.

How was the market for smartphones before iPhone?

In 2007 there were several brands that topped the high market positions. For its stability, strength and toughness, Nokia had earned a place of honor in the hearts of users. Color screens, Symbian operating system, batteries that lasted days and that allowed us to enter the Internet and despair seeing how pages were loaded, on the one hand because of the slow speed of data transmission and another because the web was not yet Responsive.

At that time Nokia had two series on its top: E Series business - oriented and email manager and N, leisure - oriented series: with controls designed to play, 5 Megapixel cameras and even possibility of 3.5G.

Alcatel also was popular with shell type devices. For example, that same year had presented its Mandarina Duck with GPRS, TFT screen, VGA camera and Bluetooth. Samsung launched its first Galaxy in June 2009, and at that time the Korean would tail Apple and devoted his time to the Discman, mp3 and televisions, among others.

But if there was a mark that held the position of luxury smartphone and businesses that now occupies the Apple iPhone was Blackberry. A phone with a physical keyboard QWERTY in its controls that allowed writing at a speed of vertigo despite its small size. I had a couple of BBs and I remember that when I happened to a touch smartphone - it was worth the first one was Samsung - I missed them for the comfort of their keyboard and their trackball.

They worked well, offering both an operating system and as an optimized messaging system itself but that of course was birth of what is now years, and what brought Apple with its iPhone. Blackberry had even immersed itself in its own map application.

In July of that same year Blackberry had introduced its brand new 8820 with a screen of 2.5 inches, Wi-Fi connectivity, a battery of 1400 mAh, had a document viewer Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF. A real cucumber.

But Steve Jobs came with your iPhone and mobile phones did not return to be the same .

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