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Friday, 27 January 2017

How will Find my AirPods work?

The arrival of iOS 10.3 introduces a new functionality , in this case for the new Cupertino wireless headsets, the AirPods. This functionality, possibly born of the doubt of the users to know what to do when they do not remember did not leave the small white handset.

IOS 10 is still in beta for developers , so it is neither publicly accessible . We thought you'd be interested to take a look at what this functionality brings to the user in the beta. In view of that it is definitely launched for all users.

Find my AirPods on trial

Find my AirPods depends on the AirPods' connection to an iPhone or other iOS device , as they do not have their own Internet connectivity. The function stores the location where the AirPods were connected to an iOS device for the last time with Bluetooth.

If we have lost them, we will have a place where we last saw them . Having a good starting point for your search. The location is displayed on the map of the Find my iPhone application, just like any other Mac or iOS device.

Do not you see them? Make them sound!

We will have an option to make the AirPods reproduce a sound , for example, to know under which cushion they are or if they are in some corner of our backpack.

Not all advantages

While the AirPods are in the charging cradle they will not be connected to an iPhone or iPad so Find my AirPods will not be able to locate them. That is, you must try not to lose them while they are charging.

Apple charges a whopping $ 69 for replacing a lost AirPod or a base load , so the option to use Find my AirPods seems necessary to avoid that outlay.

IOS 10.3 still has a trial time before reaching us , the users. So we will try to inform you of all the news that leaks the developers.

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