Huawei wants to be the market leader for smartphones by crushing the iPhone -


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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Huawei wants to be the market leader for smartphones by crushing the iPhone

Since 2011, the smartphone market has been suffering quite bipolar dominance. Above all others the iPhone has always been erected , probably the most stable, fluid, intuitive, safe and elegant smartphone on the market. But like every great superhero, the iPhone has its nemesis: Samsung. Android friends have bet on the Koreans and their explosive range Galaxy to counteract the effect of the apple, something they have not achieved.

In recent times proliferate another series of brands that are growing exponentially because of their value for money, such as Xiaomi or Huawei , who are predicted neither more nor less than reaching the throne of the smartphone. If in 2014 Xiaomi was confirmed as the third in discord, to date it has fallen outside the top 5, according to experts from firms IDC and TrendForce.

The halt of Xiaomi may be due to two factors: on the one hand its scarce presence in physical stores and on the other the arrival of another low cost brand that makes it shade: Huawei. While Xiaomi continues to sell its best smartphones for less than 400 euros, many of them have rather mediocre reviews that makes users think twice before buying them.

But undoubtedly Xiaomi his worst enemy has been Huawei, which has even dislodged him as the top Chinese manufacturer and third in the world by market share. And now Huawei aims at Apple and Samsung . With the Koreans in low hours after their last failures, it is not preposterous that they obtain the silver. But will Huawei dethrone Apple's iPhone?

The CEO of Huawei is clear


And ojito, because in the first quarter of 2016 Huawei sold more smartphones than anyone else in Portugal and Holland, being the second in Italy, Poland, Hungary and Spain. But overtaking Apple are bigger words and his challenge is in the US market , where he does not even reach the top ten. To begin with, you will have to reach agreements with the major US telecommunication companies to increase their visibility.

And to follow, Apple will also have to say something about the subject . Accused of stalling on innovation, all eyes are on the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, which will be released this September and many new features are envisaged: wireless charging, borderless screen and no Home physical button , face recognition , Dual camera with augmented reality ...

Apple sold 45.5 million iPhone during the third quarter of 2016 for Huawei's 33.6, so there are still a few left, but Huawei is on the lookout. Can you unlock the iPhone?

Via | Macrumors

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