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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

If the battery of the AirPods is 80 times smaller than on an iPhone, why not charge faster?

One of the best things about Apple's AirPods is the battery life. While other headsets on the market have durations of 2 or 3 hours per charge, Apple headphones promise a continuous music listening for 5 hours, although some test come to put your life in six hours of continuous playback.

Something that is not bad for a gadget that uses a battery of ridiculous size, also is charged in just 21 minutes. Although something in this last sentence does not agree, right?

How is it that a battery 80 times smaller does not load 80 times faster

Each Airpod battery is 80 times smaller than there is in a iPhone 7, so why not load 80 times faster? The iPhone needs 141 minutes to fully charge from 0% to 100%, which makes AirPods only load 7 times faster than these.

Li-ion batteries are at fault

We all know that lithium is a highly flammable and reactive material, which makes charging batteries lithium ion process a bit convoluted. The process must be regulated actively and constantly to make it more efficient and - much more important - safe. If this is not handled properly, the battery may suffer irreversible damage.

That is why so all devices that rely on the power supplied by lithium, have a specialized circuit inside that restricts the flow of electricity, leaving it limits the battery can take.

The amount of energy a battery can take is proportional to its size. A lower battery lower charge ratio. This is where we reach the heart of the matter and why the AirPods not loaded in just a minute.

The battery cells that make electricity cash flow are relatively small, which limits the amount of energy that can go through them and be sure this transfer of energy.

This is why your new AirPods can not load faster - yet - your battery.

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