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Thursday, 12 January 2017

IFixit guts the first iPhone on its tenth anniversary

The past January 9 marks the tenth anniversary of Steve Jobs taking the stage during Macworld in San Francisco in front of hundreds of people to give the world the original iPhone . From then until now the iPhone has undergone great changes and has evolved, not only in its exterior design but also inside.

The boys of iFixit have wanted to pay tribute to the iPhone in its tenth anniversary, and what better way to do it than with what is best given them: gutting it. And so it has been, iFixit has recently dismantled the original iPhone to see what was inside the first generation of the world's most famous and sold smartphone.

Unlike Apple's Mac and MacBook computers, which over time have become more difficult to repair in recent years, the iPhone's reparability score has improved a lot since its first generation , as they say from iFixit. But we do not entertain more and we are going to see more details of what is the original iPhone inside.

This is the interior of the original iPhone

The iFixit guys comment that "the iPhone have gotten longer, wider and thinner, but they have also become more repairable." On the other hand, they point out that the first iPhone got a score of 2/10 on its scale. Reparability, and that was that the battery was welded and it was practically impossible to open without breaking the casing .

However this changed radically with the next generation, as the iPhone 3G got a 7/10 on the reparability scale of iFixit . Since then, the iPhone has remained more or less on the same level and is a device that can be repaired with some ease.

IFixit unmounts the original iPhone for its tenth anniversary.

As you can see in the image, the number of components that formed the interior of the original iPhone is lower than the current models. And on the other hand, it should be noted that the components were quite large in size compared to those that integrate the newer models , where they are becoming smaller.

If you want to remember and compare the interior of all the iPhone models released to date in iFixit have made a very interesting compilation. Check it out!

Via | MacRumors

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