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Friday, 6 January 2017

IOS 10 is already installed on more devices than you could imagine

Almost four months since iOS 10 was released to the world, and in that short period of time the operating system has managed to be installed in 76% of iPhones and iPads. This information comes to us thanks to what is published in the support page of the App Store for developers.

Great acceptance by users

The percentage of installing the latest version of iOS grew significantly during the holiday period of 2016, growing by 13% between late November and early January. By November 27, 2016, iOS 10 had already been installed on 63% of devices.

However, despite these numbers are something that many operating systems could not achieve in such a short time Ahem, Android-, there is still 18% of people who did not want or could not install this version of iOS in its mobile device. On the other hand, there are also 6% of devices that remain stuck in the old version iOS 8 or earlier.

IOS 10 outperforms its predecessor

One of the reasons that iOS 10 has been better received on Apple devices could be due to the launch of iOS 10.2 on December 12. Although it was only a small system update, it came loaded with news and features as a new application called TV, emoji new, improved Live Photos and an extensive list of errors that had been solved.

By this time in previous years, iOS 9 had reached a ratio of 75% installation of active devices, so you could say that IOS 10 has managed to outshine its predecessor during the same period in 2016.

Apple's bite company - Apple, Wow - has been stealthily releasing various versions of iOS 10 to finish polishing up minor bug fixes. Rumors suggest that the next big iOS update would be 10.3, which would be launched this January 10th.

Apple has been doing well lately. Leave us your opinion in the comments!

Via | Mac Rumors

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