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Thursday, 26 January 2017

IOS 10.2.1 still does not fix the iPhone 6s battery problem

IOS 10 is undoubtedly the most surprising update to iPad and iPhone devices to date, however it brought with it an unpleasant experience for users of many iPhone: excessive battery consumption and / or its poor management and quantification, something that is Aggravated with iOS 10.1 . Many of us have suffered the unpleasant surprise of seeing our terminals suddenly shut down when they still had more than 30% of their battery capacity, something only detected on iPhone 6s models .

Interestingly, after connecting our device to the power and wait a couple of minutes we have seen how effectively, the battery started charging from that 30%. It's a total nonsense for Apple to see how its stores and support communities are smoking .

Bearing in mind that the batteries of the iPhone already cause many complaints due to their scarce autonomy for the general performance they offer - and we recognize it, it is like buying a Ferrari with the fuel tank of a scooter - and we do not know Can replace easily or economically, with this crashing software problem, many users have put the cry in the sky .

From the forums and communities, it was promised that Apple was working with the battery problem in iOS 10 and that they were going to take action on the issue in the next update, iOS 10.2.1 that came out this Monday . In fact, I personally updated without giving a few days margin for the bugs to suffer others, and I have checked it on my own iPhone: iOS 10.2.1 does not fix the problem of the iPhone battery .

And that in the description of iOS 10.2.1 was ensured in a generic and brief way that in the software included a security improvement and correction of some errors , without specifying which.

Remember that if you have an iPhone 6s and you are experiencing this problem of sudden blackouts, you may be within the battery replacement program Apple , so you will have to verify if the serial number of your iPhone 6s device corresponds to those quoted by Manzana. And if not, surely you are still within the two years of legal guarantee in force in our country .

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