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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

IOS 10.3 would bring a new mini floating keyboard for iPad

As is usual with iOS updates, there are some new features that Apple does not usually activate in the beta for users and developers. Even so, a very interesting novelty has been discovered between the hidden iOS 10.3 code.

Steven Troughton-Smith, an iOS developer, has discovered a mini floating iPad keyboard in the beta version of iOS 10.3 that could be used with just one hand.

According to the developer himself, the functionality is compatible with the iPad's 9.7 inches or lower sizes, so the 12.9-inch model would be left out.

The iOS 10.3 mini floating keyboard

The mini keyboard discovered in iOS 10.3 encoding works much like the Picture-in-Picture function for overlay videos that came in iOS 9.

This floating keyboard can be moved from side to side on the screen and basically has the same size as an iPhone keyboard.

At this point it is not clear when Apple will introduce this novelty, but the developer who discovered the mini floating keyboard had a hard time finding it. Something that could indicate that it will not be available for a while.

Most likely, as we are informed via 9to5mac is that the mini floating keyboard is available to all users after the launch of the new iPad of 2017.

Remember that, on the other hand, iOS 10.3 could also have a Theater Mode or Dark Mode specially designed for video playback and a "Search for my AirPods" functionality.

What do you think about this floating keyboard to use with a hand in iOS 10.3? Do you think it will be fully functional? You can comment in the comments section and in social networks.

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