IOS brings the colors to Android in terms of security -


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Thursday, 5 January 2017

IOS brings the colors to Android in terms of security

With a company connected 24 hours a day and exchanging information, privacy and security are values ​​to the rise in any app to install, but above all in operating systems of our gadgets, more and more numerous and with constant internet connection. The analyst specializing in security web CVE has leaked a report that will not surprise anyone: Android is the most vulnerable operating system 2016.

Android and iOS are the face and cross of security

And it is that despite Android reaches a permeation in the Spanish market 93% of the fleet - imagine that the issue price will be a factor to consider - it is the most vulnerable operating system according to experts in cyber security, With no more than 523 vulnerabilities.

On the other side of the balance is Apple's mobile operating system, iOS, which ranks in a wonderful 15th place. Stability and robustness for iPhone and iPad.

And in computer operating systems?

That yes, surprise and much to find who occupy the second and third position. There are two Linux distributions: Debian and Ubuntu. Surprising especially since it is the preferred free operating system of the computer scholars and that also constitutes the kernel of other proprietary softwares like the own Mac OS.

Another surprise is found further down the list: as computers, Apple security falls to below of Windows 10. And is that Windows seems to be doing their homework, surprising own and strangers located in the fourteenth position, below Mac OS X that is in the eleventh.

It is time that the Cupertino feel analyze your strategy with computers reviewing two concepts that have made them famous: innovation and safety. Of course, as a positive news for Apple we can highlight that in terms of trend has improved, since in 2015 topped this dishonorable ranking with 444 vulnerabilities compared to 215 this year. Less than half, Apple is on the right track.

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