IOS will exceed $ 1 trillion by 2017 -


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Thursday, 12 January 2017

IOS will exceed $ 1 trillion by 2017

Apple's mobile operating system, like the rest of its products, generates a series of revenues for the company. As one analyst recently commented, the revenue generated by the iOS ecosystem could exceed $ 1 trillion at some point in 2017 .

According to the analyst, in mid-2017 the company is expected to sell 1.2 billion iPhone , while collective sales of all iOS devices will exceed 1.75 billion units. These are really large amounts, so it is not surprising that revenue generated by the iOS ecosystem can exceed $ 1 trillion this year.

To put this figure in perspective, say that Microsoft surpassed the trillion dollars in total revenue accumulated in May last year . This means that only iOS devices have managed to generate as much money as Microsoft with all its products sold to date. Incredible true?

The iOS ecosystem, Apple's flagship product

In addition it must be said that this news comes at a key moment for Apple and its iPhone, as just a few days ago was celebrating the tenth anniversary of his arrival in the world by Steve Jobs . According to current trends, cumulative sales of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Apple TV) are expected to exceed 2 billion units by the end of 2018 .

According to analyst Horace Dediu, in mid-2017 Apple will have generated around 980 million dollars of hardware sales, in addition to another 100 million related services , such as sales of the App Store. On the other hand, it must be said that these figures do not include the money that Apple has paid to iOS developers, which currently exceeds 50 million dollars.

Before this forecast made by Dediu comes the following question: has Apple reached its peak with iOS? . The analyst does not believe it, and is that unlike other technology giants who have been suffering a plummet over the years, Apple seems to continue to be successful in the world of mobile devices.

To make matters worse , Dediu points out that consumers are increasingly more likely to abandon devices with Android operating system to switch to the iPhone . What's more, since Apple have previously confirmed that they are seeing how the number of people switching to iPhone is ever greater, a good sign no doubt.

Will Apple get over $ 1 trillion in revenue generated by iOS this year? When do you think that moment will occur? Place your bets on the comments! 

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