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Thursday, 12 January 2017

IPad Pro will be the future of graphic design

When Apple launched the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil a little over a year ago, we all got a look at the future of Apple's tablet line , and what it had in store for us. As soon as they went on sale, these devices were only praised by critics, who considered them as one of the best creative tools available.

Its price, of course, was one of the great peros, since the public did not see reasonable that the difference between an iPad Air 2 and an iPad Pro was nothing more and nothing less than 400 euros. But over time, they realized that this gap is given because this product aims at a completely different goal . To the same that points the app that we bring you today.

Astropad Studio, designed to let your imagination fly

Astropad, today launched in the App Store its new application of graphic design Astropad Studio . In any other case, we would think that this is a current release, however, Studio is the most advanced graphic design app published to date on the Apple platform.

Astropad Studio is an application capable of connecting wirelessly or via USB with your Mac, so that you can work directly on your iPad Pro with the best design suites , such as Photoshop, for example. With a monthly subscription, we can transform our iPad Pro into the best graphic tablet on the market, compatible with gestures or Apple Pencil.

Creativity, the main terrain to exploit iPads

It is possible that their rates keep people away from these types of applications, but as I said before, they are not focused on the general public . Because iPads are no longer mere entertainment devices.

We should all begin, once and for all, to consider iPads, specifically the Pro line, as multi-disciplinary tools . Not only are they a window to see the world, but their power and the support given by the developers, establishes the bases to allow us to create our own.

And you, what will be the next thing you believe with your iPad?

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