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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

IPhone 8 will use inductive wireless charging

If there is a functionality that fascinates us the new iPhone 8 that is expected to see the light in September is that of wireless in-house charging . While we all agree that it will be a useful feature to the maximum, because of not being tied to the plug to a meter of radio, equally we all arouse some curiosity to know what technology will be used and whether it will have any repercussion for our health .

Until now, everything pointed out that Apple would use radiofrequency for in-house wireless charging , that is, in enclosed spaces. So much so that the CEO of the company Energous CEO Steve Rizzone had already boasted of "having reached an agreement with one of the most successful technology companies on the planet", making us think that they would be the suppliers of this technology.

However, a note published by Copperfield Research indicates that this will not be the case, that Cupertino will use other technology than the charge by radiofrequency provided by Energous. What's more, according to Apple's many patents since 2013, everything seems to indicate that they will be wagering on the wireless load using inductivity, but not just for iPhone 8 but for all of their upcoming products .

As we see in the sketches - which incidentally, very revealing are not - Apple would implement this technology by integrating charging bases on various objects, designing desktop chargers or directly incorporating it into computers that were able to load for example an iPad or an iPhone . In addition, the devices seem to be able to also transfer their load , so that a fully charged iPad could power an Apple Watch.

Why would Apple bet on inductive wireless charging?

This inclination that indicates that Apple will bet on the inductive load instead of the radio waves is sustained by several reasonings with enough sense. To begin with, the new design of the iPhone 8 body in glass, a material in which, unlike aluminum, it penetrates the inductivity .

Also, the causes of this choice are based on the fact that the charge by radiofrequency seems to be inefficient - since the propagation of waves is produced radially by the air, reason why only a small portion of these would reach the device to load - , Not too practical and potentially dangerous to health .

For the inductive load Apple would incorporate rectifiers to transform alternating current into continuous and integrate in its devices magnetic coils to provide power.

Via | Macrumors

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