It's not the One Ring, but with it you can control everything -


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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

It's not the One Ring, but with it you can control everything

If you like the sport but you are not convinced the activity bracelets or smartwatches, maybe you should follow the advice of Beyonce and as in his Single ladies, put a ring. But not just any ring, but a fascinating gadget for your finger just launched called Motiv, one of the most discreet meter market activity.

And is that the Motiv is not made with traditional precious metals like gold, white gold or silver but Titanium, but it is much more useful than the rest of rings you can find in a jewelry. Motiv is waterproof, Bluetooth and has several sensors to monitor your heart rate, sleep, steps and LED indicator light. Come on, just like an activity bracelet but much more discreet and elegant.

The truth is that they have achieved a rather attractive aesthetic ring 8 mm wide, quite similar to steel rings that are so fashionable lately and available in various colors. You can take the Motiv 24 hours a day, yes, the battery life is 5 days, but its charge is made through a chain that allows you to do so without having to take it off and on the go. All advantages.

To control in detail what measures Motiv there is an app for iOS in which we our progress, which also is recalibrated every day to ensure accuracy in their monitors. The developers of Motiv ensure that the accuracy in the measurement of the pulse is comparable to the pulsometers that are placed in the chest.

Sure you a question came to mind: but how will I know if Motiv fits perfectly on my finger so you will not fall? If you want a Motiv activity ring, you will receive a kit to test it and choose which size of the 7 available is more adjusted to you, so there is no margin of error.

Motiv activity ring costs $ 200 and has been presented this week at CES and although it will begin shipping in March, you can book it now from their website . We will see how it enters the Motiv market, but its discretion, precision and comfort predict a good reception.

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