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Friday, 6 January 2017

List of iOS10 compatible tweak

Although at the present time, jailbreak tool for iOS 10 is just the beta, but some large developers have begun to update the tweak can be compatible with iOS 10. Here, Cydia. VN will share the list of iOS compatible tweak 10.

List of iOS10 compatible tweak

Note: List of iOS compatible tweak 10 Beta mainly from the BigBoss and The more resources you need to download the tweak free.

1. Disclose: If you are someone who regularly uses the "Look Up" to see the dictionary on your iOS device, there is a Tweak Disclose extremely useful for you. This app allows you to search quickly and easily.

2. Creamless: If you do not like the appearance of the new colors in the Control Center iOS 10, rest assured because Creamless tweak can take you back to the color of the control center as previously iOS 9.

3. Notifications 3D Touch to Clear: Clear all the Notifications Center announced on the same iPhone 6s / 6s Plus (iOS 10)

4. Action Menu: Tweak Action Menu will help you add more functionality to choose from after highlighting a piece of text.

5. Barrel: Change the page turning effect on the device's screen. This is a Tweak almost everyone used after the jailbreak the device.

6. BatteryLife: You can check the battery charge, the battery level at the bottle on the device simple and effective.

7. ForceInPicture: This is a pretty cool tweak, ForceInPicture allows you to watch the video in the form of pop-ups to use in tandem with many other things on the device. However, if used on an iPad or iPhone Plus large screen will be more appropriate. Similar to tweak or Video Pane Pegasus ago on iOS 9.

8. DisableVoiceControl: Helps you off completely annoying Voice Control functions on your iPhone or iPad with ease.

9. CCRecord: This is a support tool turns your phone screen is quite convenient. CCRecord will add to the screen rotation button in the Control Center's 10 already jailbroken iOS devices, so you can quickly return to the iOS screen easily.

10. iCleaner Pro: iPhone / iPad / iPod when running very slow because many have to handle a lot of data redundancy. Please install the tweak clean "junk" iCleaner Pro, not only helps your device to regain stability after long periods of use, the software on the machine helps extend the maximum storage space, has long been occupied by the data packets are not used to the language, the language keyboard or the image files ...

11. iFile: iFile is one of the community cydia tweak very appreciated. The app helps you manage and view files, change file system best. Even you can change the look, change system notifications, unlock bar, and lots of other interesting custom.

12. MTerminal: Allows you access to the terminal and some of the work done by the code on your iPhone or iPad

13. StatusFolder: StatusFolder is a small tweak when you group applications together. Although not too special but can also use temporarily before the other great Tweak official release.

14. WiFi - The Strongest Link: This is a great tweak to help you remove all the limitations of WiFi on your iOS device. WiFi - The Strongest Link will add many useful features such as playback WiFi password, view detailed information using WiFi networks, ...

15. XPasscode: With XPasscode, anyone can redesign unlock screen. Customization possibilities are endless with topics such as the piano, Konami code or a cat etc ...

16, Many other tweaks such as Xen, AquaBoard, CyDown, Date printed Statusbar, Edge, Faces Pro, LocationFaker9, QuickDo, Sentinel, Tage, ...

Above is a list of some compatibility with iOS tweak 10. will continually update in the near future.

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