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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Look where your files were received by AirDrop

One of the fastest and safest data transfer methods is AirDrop, a feature with which you can transfer files between your iPhone, iPad and Mac in a totally wireless way, be it videos, documents, images or any other file. If you have ever been a receiver, have you ever wondered where these files go when they are received by your Mac, or by your iPhone and iPad?

If this was a recurring question in your head, this article will show you exactly where the AirDrop files are stored , and how you can access your location on iOS and MacOS.

First of all, you must have received a file using AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad or Mac so that we can track the location of these. If you have another Apple device, you can always transfer files to yourself using this feature.

Where are these files located on our Mac?

If you use AirDrop very often to send files to your Mac quickly, you will be interested to know the location of these. It turns out that in its computer version, the app saves the files in the Downloads folder by default .

So if someone sends you a document by this application, you already know which folder to look for first .

Where are these files in iOS?

Since iOS does not have a file browser in every sense of the word, you may find it a little strange to look for documents transferred through AirDrop. In iOS each file goes a different site depending on its nature , and this can be something that confuses many people since there is no specific place to start the search.

It all depends on your nature

As you might imagine, the images, videos or photos you receive through AirDrop will appear directly in the Photos application and on the reel of your device.

Other files like PDF, Doc, and many others of this style will show you a menu with different options on your iPhone or iPad, to save or open the file you just sent using AirDrop. For example, if you want to find a PDF file that you just received, the best place to find it will be in iBooks or some similar application.

As you can see, although it may seem to lack logic, iOS has everything more controlled than we think . If you wanted to find a file received by AirDrop, we hope this little guide has helped you.

Do you use AirDrop very often? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | OS X Daily

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