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Monday, 30 January 2017

Making the most of Spotlight on iOS 10

Spotlight is a function born in OS X - current macOS -, the operating system of Apple for their computers. When it came to iOS devices brought with it many functions that users do not know.

In this article we have compiled all the functions you can do in the version of Spotlight for iOS 10. It has come very refreshed and succulent functions. Do not miss one!

Everything you can do in Spotlight on iOS 10

Search in app

If you search for a word and a match appears in another app, you will get in Spotlight the 3 best matches, accompanied by "Search in the app". If you click here, the search will be done in that app, without having to open it.

Find a contact

If you are in a hurry to dial a number, just put the name with which you have saved the person you want to call. If you put, for example, "Eduardo" will appear all contacts with Eduardo in his name. Each contact card will offer you the option to send a message or call you by FaceTime or audio. - the FaceTime option will only exit if the user has an iOS device.

Quick questions

You can ask any kind of question that answers quickly. Of the form: "pi", "e", "euro to dollar" or "100 euros to dollars". You will get it right without having to access any website or app.


If you need to do a simple calculation, Spotlight can do it for you.

Find Places

By entering the name of a place, you will automatically appear suggestions of places with similar names and their address. Pressing will open the location in Maps.

Open applications

If you type part of the name of an app, you will get a suggestion of those apps with names that correspond to what you have written. It is the most appropriate for those occasions when you can not find an app between all your desks and folders.

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