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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Mute a tab in Chrome

In current versions of Google Chrome, you can mute the audio of a tab, making it ideal when web browsing and video autoplay is running and when the autoplay audio when charging begins a page Web.

Instead of trying to locate the source of audio playback, a better approach is to mute the tab where any audio from the web page is muted, whether in a video, embedded movie, audio track, etc.

Mute a tab in Chrome

This will mute any sound from a Chrome tab, the trick applies to Chrome versions for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Right-click on the tab that is playing audio or video and choose "Mute tab"

By the way, if you're not sure which tab is the one that plays audio, look for the small speaker icon that indicates which tab in Chrome plays the audio.

Turn on tab audio in Chrome

You can also activate the audio of the tab by clicking on the corresponding tab and choose "Activate tab sound".

While this applies to the browser Google Chrome, you can find the same features in the Safari browser also with a similar set of tricks, such as to show what tabs Safari are playing audio and silence the tab of Safari you are playing audio or video In Mac OS.

If you do not have the feature, be sure to update Chrome to get the ability to mute the sound that is played in the tabs. If you are using an earlier version of Chrome and can not be updated for any reason, go to the URL "chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-audio-muting" where oidrás manually enable the feature.

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