New Apple ad with iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode of protagonist -


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Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Apple ad with iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode of protagonist

During yesterday Apple released on their YouTube channel ad vanagloriando another virtue of its spectacular new iPhone 7. Where once already published the controversial announcement on its water resistance , now the protagonist is none other than functionality exclusive portrait mode iPhone 7 Plus.

The advertisement is titled "Take Mine" and in it we see how a young woman comes to a paradise and rustic Greek village to visit her grandmother. As is tradition, welcome the girl with open arms and they will enjoy a coffee. Granddaughter shows her new iPhone 7 Plus rose colored gold and takes a picture of her grandmother using the depth effect.

Grandma - like all the grandmothers of the world, hence the expression "you do not need grandma" - loa the ability of her granddaughter in the photographic world. But no, friends. Not that the granddaughter is a prodigy at the height of Annie Leibovitz , is that with the iPhone 7 Plus to the pazguato can make great pictures.

The fainting of the grandmother catch the attention of the rest of the cafe, who flock en masse to the young woman to photograph them. The fisherman, a musician, a child, the barber, the local shepherd ... all want to be immortalized with the Portrait Mode of the iPhone 7 and its incredible effects. At the end of the ad, the key to everything: "Portrait Mode iPhone 7 Plus - practically magic."

And it is interesting to note that besides the increase in size, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with some additional features that make it the premium of the Apple range.

In recent times Apple is making a strong bid to boost their gadgets and their characteristics by interesting and original ads , both with celebrities like leaving your creativity.

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