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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New filtration of iPhone 8 intrigues Apple

When a new product from Apple is about to hit the market, it is not a secret that generates a great expectation, as well as begin to leak information from the new launch, in terms of design and functionality. In that sense, today we will talk about the latest leakage of the future iPhone 8 , which seems to intrigue the apple company.

And is that, the launch of what is presumably called the iPhone 8 is special; With this will be 10 years of the premiere of the original iPhone, a phone that certainly changed the industry of telephony and mobile devices.

That's why the Cupertino company is preparing an iPhone unparalleled in the other premieres, launching a product with characteristics that according to the leaks would enter the field of curved screens, OLED technology, as well as a total change of the ecosystem iOS . However, there are doubts about the new wireless charging system, which we will focus on today.

QI inductive wireless charging or proprietary technology
According to the leaks, with the iPhone 8 Apple would be integrating into the device for the first time a wireless charging system. What we do not know, and we believe the company of the apple also has this question, is whether to integrate in the new iPhone an already established system of inductive load as the IQ, or integrate a proprietary system exclusively for the iPhone.

This would have its advantages and disadvantages if we compare them. For example, by using an open system and already established Apple users have the opportunity to enjoy a range of possibilities and products in the market.
However, if Apple decides to integrate its own system that only works with the iPhone , the options of users are reduced, but at the same time have a technology designed especially for your phone, as usually the company focuses on their products.

Apple as a company, has usually had the vision of using proprietary technologies, exclusive and closed to its ecosystem, and although with the iPhone 6 decided to dispense with the 3.5 mm audio jack, using the new AirPods allowed connection to any device Bluetooth. Let's wait and see what happens with the iPhone 8 .

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