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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

New problem on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: pink line on screen

Many users are complaining about the appearance of a vertical pink line on the screens of their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , a problem that seems to be getting massive.

Samsung has had quite a stirring year 2016, mainly because of the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 . That has not prevented the figures for the last quarter of 2016 have been very favorable and have yielded benefits.

However in 2017 it seems that we have a new problem, more or less massive, between hands, but nothing of the magnitude of last year.

Pink line on the screens of the Galaxy S7 Edge

Many users are seeing a pink vertical line appear on their terminal screens without justification. It is striking how the line always appears on the right side and approximately in the same position.

Samsung has responded in the forums that what users should do is bring the terminal to repair and if it is under warranty, and the technician believes that is not a problem caused by the use but for an internal reason, will be repaired.

The problem is that if the mobile has a blow, the technical service could blame the fault on the screen, although other phones without blows have the same problem.

Possible short-term solutions

Myce , the publication that has commented on this problem originally from the forums has indicated that some users are temporarily solving the problem in two ways.

  • In the phone dialer press * # 0 * # . There we pressed in Red, Green and Blue. If it does not work the first time we should try several more.
  • Other users comment that by pressing lightly on the upper area of ​​the screen, near the Samsung logo the line disappears, though temporarily.

The best in these cases is to go to the SAT, and rely on Samsung to repair the phone as long as it is not considered a mass failure will not be repaired automatically.

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