People would be more interested in the iPhone 7 Plus than in the iPhone 6s -


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Monday, 30 January 2017

People would be more interested in the iPhone 7 Plus than in the iPhone 6s

According to analysts at Cowen & Co, people are more interested in the iPhone 7 Plus than $ 769 than the iPhone 6s of $ 649, which implies that they do not mind paying more for features such as dual cameras and other additional hardware Which is not available on iPhone 7 standard.

It is believed that the iPhone 7 Plus accounts for 40 percent of an estimated 58.5 million units of iPhone 7 that Apple sold globally during the December quarter. On the other hand the iPhone 6s Plus, represents 23 percent of all sales of the iPhone 6s during the same quarter of the previous year.

Because more people are buying the Plus models than in 2015, this should help raise iPhones' average selling price to $ 693 for the December quarter versus $ 691 at the same time a year ago. It is estimated that this small increase could help Apple report an expected two percent rise in revenue for the December quarter.

Cowen analysts estimate that the Cupertino company moved about 24 million iPhone 7 Plus units during the December quarter, representing a massive 55 percent increase over the 15.5 million iPhone 6s Plus that were sold during The same period last year.

In China, about 52 percent of buyers have opted for the largest Plus model over their 4.7-inch counterpart. In comparison, an estimated 40 percent of people bought an additional iPhone 6s in the December 2015 quarter. In the United States, the iPhone 7 Plus accounted for 47 percent of units sold in the December quarter versus 35 percent Cent of the previous year.

In the past three quarters, Apple reported lower-than-expected revenue as iPhone sales have been slowing . All told, analysts estimate the company sold about 78 million iPhones in the December quarter, up 4 percent from last year.

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