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Friday, 27 January 2017

Play all these classic remastered for iPhone and iPad

Video games are one of those passions that many can not separate . No matter how old we are, we will always remember those classics that kept us in front of the television, reveling in a gameplay and graphics that, in their time, were crazy.

Today we bring you 10 classics that have been remastered for your iPhone and iPad . We hope you can relive those old days that you long for.

10. Ms. Pac-Man

Although the game in its beginnings was not official, its great popularity made that Namco finished buying it, turning it into one of the games that we can best remember of our childhood . However, now we can play it on our iPhone or iPad, which will be somewhat nostalgic for many.

9. Bully: Anniversary Edition

Many will remember Bully very fondly, and no wonder. The game moved us to an academy in which we had to fight for supremacy or die in the attempt - that is the last one. In addition, it left us a city to explore at our whim - being careful with the police in the night hours.

Now that it's available for our iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy it with remastered graphics . Welcome to the Bullworth Academy!

8. Max Payne Mobile

And we continue with Rockstar, but this time it is a title somewhat different from the others. Max Payne is such a good game that has become cult for many followers of the company. If you like shootings and dark and bloody stories, this is the perfect game for you .

7. Dragon's Lair

This game is a classic that deserves to be remembered by all of us, despite having been the pioneer of the nasty quick-time events. It was released in 1983, and now it has returned to seize our iPad. Undoubtedly it is an important piece in the history of video games, so take the time to download it. Unfortunately it is only compatible with iPad devices .

6. GTA Vice City, 5. GTA: III

We return with Rockstar, and this time with its saga easier to recognize worldwide. The cities of our childhood are back and with improved graphics . In each of these games we can fully access the story and all of its experience, as if we were playing in our console. If you have a controller at hand, the experience will improve significantly.

Do not miss this opportunity to relive the best moments of your childhood .

4. Soulcalibur

Namco's wonderful fighting game is back, and it comes to give it all on our iPhone and iPad. This game leaves us with 19 wrestlers taken directly from the original version for console, and the graphics are also the same . Of course, it is clear that the controls have been adapted for the touch screens we see in our day to day.

3. GTA: San Andreas

We promised that this will be the last time you see Rockstar in this ranking, but it is that we had the need to include this game in the list. We are not going to explain why it is because a work of this caliber is a must have , and if you are one of those rare ones that has not yet played it, you still have the opportunity to do so. Run you are exhausted!

2. Wolfenstein 3D Classic

Wolfenstein was the game that popularized the FPS in the world of video games. If you have not yet given it a try, you should do so now that it is available for iPhone and iPad. If you play this jewel of the nineties you will not regret it .

1. Doom Classic

The great Doom is back, and better than ever. The game that marked part of our childhood and defined the genre of shooters can now be found in the App Store . If you want to defend humanity from beings coming out of hell itself, then you should download it on your iPhone or iPad!

As is customary with this kind of remasterizations, we will have to pay a small price to relive the favorite moments of our childhood . From iPadizate we hope that these games will turn out to be your taste and you will feel like a child again as you enter these wonderful worlds.

Have you played any of these games before? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Phone Arena

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