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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Protect your AirPods from theft with this original idea

When the first images of AirPods began to seep in September, social networks as fun and creative as ever, had an original occurrence: the AirPods' cargo box resembles a small box of floss and the Headphones to an electric brush head. But what began as a taunt has become an original and effective way to protect your AirPods of thieves.

The reality is that AirPods are quite attractive to foreign hands also make wireless that are easy to misplace or steal the slightest slip. Therefore, in the end that funny occurrence establishing parallels with utensils of oral hygiene will prove to be of the most useful.

And it is that many users have come up AirPods prepared similar to dental floss stickers to adhere to their boxes and so take the hit. Ojito that fits perfectly. It has been in social networks where we have found this curious and practical solution to avoid theft of your AirPods:

Another option if you estimate that is too creative work the make your own fake stickers is or start of actual or even better packaging: acquire them through the website Etsy for less than 5 euros , a cost worth taking, especially taking into account the cost of buying a single original Apple headset .

Of course, be careful not to really confuse the AirPods box with that of the chewing gum and end up throwing it away. Or finish trying to load your dental floss, as happened to this guy:


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