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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Qualcomm responds to Apple's denial of the facts

Business battles continue in Silicon Valley, and this time we came across an update of the story that we told you yesterday about Qualcomm and Apple. The story of how an important alliance is twisted to the point of reaching the demands.

Apple is one of Qualcomm's most important customers, but it is not too clear whether this will last for long. And is that the relationship between the two companies is becoming increasingly tense , and Apple has sufficient grounds to break it.

Qualcomm calls Apple's statements "baseless accusations"

After the start of the suit against Qualcomm by Apple, revealing that the first would have retained a sum close to $ 1 billion of Apple's coffers, following a dispute with the South Korean competition authority , Qualcomm has not been slow in offering its version. And logically, they refuse to accept Apple's statements.

Don Rosenberg, executive vice president of Qualcomm Incorporated has indicated that, although they are still reviewing the case, it is clear to them that Apple's request lacks any basis . He also comments that the Cupertino company has initiated several attacks against the company in various countries by hiding and manipulating information.

Like any other dispute, it will take a lot of patience to resolve it ...

In this case, we have an intense legal battle between two large Californian companies, but we can not avoid relating it to many other disputes, in which justice only showed its slowness in carrying these cases. So, if we want to see the outcome of the conflict, we will probably have to arm ourselves with patience.

Source | MacRumors

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