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Friday, 27 January 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8: your first real back image is here

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has leaked into a real photograph of the back area confirming aspects like the fingerprint sensor or the curved design.

If there is a terminal that we want to know absolutely everything is the Galaxy S8, we have heard rumors, we have seen renders and we have speculated to satiety.

Samsung plays a lot with this model and finally we can see it in a filtered photograph that reveals the most interesting part, his back.

Rear footprint sensor

What has caught the attention is the presence in the back of a fairly conventional fingerprint sensor and is that many were expected to integrate in the front area under the screen.

It seems that either the technology is not yet ready or that Samsung does not want to risk so much in a model that after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 problem has to come out perfect factory.

The sky blue model is the one that teaches us the position of the biometric reader, next to the camera, and although it seems that the perspectives of both elements do not fit could be by an effect of photography.

Type C USB port

Another aspect that we see in the two models is its port of charge, which in black looks like a USB Type C and in blue it looks like a microUSB but it is possible that this is due to the perspective of photography since the lower edge does not If flat, but rounded.

Much of what we expect with Samsung DeX will rely on this connector that will allow the output of the video signal but also the audio.

6.2 "and 5.8" screens with 18.5: 9 ratio with 3D Touch

We said that LG had opted for a ratio xstraño in its new QHD + panels having a ratio of 18: 9 or what is the same, 2: 1 but is that Samsung seems to use even less common figures.

The screens of these models would have a ratio of 18.5: 9 and both would be curved like in the models Edge, being the one of smaller of 5.8 "and the one of greater of 6.2".

A novelty is that the lower part of these screens would include the ability to detect different levels of pressure . This way the 3D Touch would reach the Galaxy range.

Four physical buttons

In the photograph we see how on the left side if we put the mobile with the screen towards us, we have three buttons, both volume and ignition.

However on the other side we have a new physical button that apparently will be in charge of invoking Bixby , the new assistant of Samsung in which the company has put many hopes and also give visual recognition to the camera.

Battery, RAM, internal memory ...

Despite both diagonals the batteries would not raise much of amperage, staying in 3,000 and 3,500 mAh for the small model and the big one respectively.

The RAM of the two would be 4 GB and is that it seems that by the time Samsung does not want to make the jump to the 6 GB although we would leave the 64 GB of internal memory as a base.

Stereo speakers

In the image we see how in the lower zone there is only one speaker but the source indicates that two will be incorporated. It is possible that the other is in the area of ​​the headset as in the iPhone 7 or in the upper corner, although it would be strange to have no hole there.

12 Mpx rear camera and 8 Mpx front

The front sensor will be 8 Mpx, with ability to read our iris and increase security, just as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did.

The rear will have 12 Mpx and will have an aperture f / 1.7 which will improve the photos in low light conditions and that the Galaxy S7 dazzled in that section.

Price and date of presentation and commercialization

March 29th would be the one for the Unpacked , the Samsung event that would officially show us the Samsung Galaxy S8, being held in New York. Less than a month later, on April 21, it will be possible to buy.

The price of both models will be higher than that of their predecessors. The Samsung Galaxy S8 5.8 "will cost 799 euros while the 6.2" will go to 899 euros , both in the configuration of 64 Gb internal memory.

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